tomorrow when the world began trailer

Hey, an Asian dude! Check out the trailer for Tomorrow, When the War Began, a thriller based on the "young adult invasion novel" of the same name. It's about a small band of teenagers who wage a guerilla war when enemy forces invade their hometown. Think Red Dawn set in Australia.

While the book series apparently never specifies the ethnicity of the unnamed foreign invaders, but according to the information I've been able to gather, in the movie the bad guys will be Asian. Surprise, surprise.

There is, however, an Asian face among the teen heroes: Chris Pang as Lee Takkam, who is described as Thai/Vietnamese. And it looks like he's got a possible little romance going on with another girl in the group. Cool.

Anyway, watch the trailer here. The movie is scheduled to be released in Australia in September. Don't know if/when it'll ever make its way over there to the States. But don't worry -- we've got Red Dawn coming.

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