who is behind @paramountfilms?

This interesting little bit of Hollywood mockery has been getting some press... Apparently, an anonymous individual, believed to be working in the industry, is using a fake Twitter account (@ParamountFilms) to pose as Paramount Pictures and air out some studio nastiness.

Nobody knows who exactly it is, but some speculate that it's an actor/writer/director/producer angry at the studio. Among other projects, some of the tweets have taken aim at M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming adaptation of The Last Airbender:
Not since we released Breakfast At Tiffany's has Paramount been prouder to bring yellow face 2 cinemas with our fantastic The Last Airbender

Opening July 2 is a movie we @ Paramount are very proud of, The Last Airbender. See white kids pretending to be Asian in glorious fake 3-D!

Get use to these. If we at Paramount get our way, this is the only way you'll be able to see movies in theaters http://twitpic.com/1o4fob

We @ Paramount Are proud 2 say that we're sitting on loads of cash thanks to Iron Man 2. None of that cash will be going to make Anchorman 2

We have decided that if Will and Adam pay for Anchorman 2 out of their own pocket, we'll release it. The ball is in your court @ghostpanther

We at Paramount are proud to announce that every film we release from now on will be in 3D! Why? To get more money from you dummies.

We @ Paramount are proud to announce that we have just green lit a reboot of 48 Hours starring @bowwow & @ZachEfron directed by Brett Ratner

We at Paramount are proud to announce that we just signed Mike Meyers to write and star in the sequel to his comedy classic The Love Guru!

Instead of funding Anchorman 2 we are doing a reboot of Hot Rod starring @danecook to be written & directed @andydick for release next year!

To all who are upset about about us not green lighting Anchorman 2, we at Paramount say screw you! We have more reboots to fund instead!!
Funny. Even funnier, knowing that it's coming from someone working in the business. Hopefully, we'll see more snarky tweets regarding The Last Airbender as it gets closer to release in July. More here: Who's Behind Twitter's @ParamountFilms?

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