financial troubles led to family murder-suicide

Some tragic news out of Anaheim, California, where authorities are investigating a couple's murder-suicide and the critical wounding of their 3-year-old son: Money troubles possible motive in family shooting.
The boy, who hid behind a trash can in the backyard for more than 12 hours before he was rescued Monday, remained in critical but stable condition, recovering from at least three bullet wounds to his hip, shoulder and torso, Sgt. Rick Martinez said,

The boy's father, Wayne Zickefoose, 51, shot his 39-year-old wife Herminia Zickefoose Sunday night and tried to kill his two sons, police said. The 3-year-old was trapped in a corner of the backyard. A shot aimed at his 5-year-old brother missed. The boy was inside the house, and the shot was fired through an open doorway, Martinez said.

The family had money troubles and their home was in foreclosure, police said.
That's crazy. I always have a hard time wrapping my head around these family murder-suicide deaths, particularly involving children. I hope these kids are going to be okay, and I'm not just talking about physical harm. More here: Owners of murder-suicide home faced foreclosure.

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