jennifer pae for oakland city council

Just wanted to throw a shoutout of support to Jennifer Pae, who is running in District 2 for Oakland City Council. She is currently fundraising, with less than one week away from the first reporting deadline, June 30, which will determine her campaign's viability. Here's the message she sent out to supporters:
Thank you for the outpouring of support since announcing my candidacy for Oakland City Council! This has truly been a humbling experience as I continue to talk with parents, business owners, and community leaders in District 2. I would also like to thank you for attending and contributing to our fundraising kick off.

It is because of your support we are getting closer to our fundraising goal!

It is clear, we as a city, face many challenges with a budget on the brink of crisis and the safety of our streets in jeopardy, but we all remain hopeful of what is to come in our future. As we fight to regain economic security and bring hope to our communities, we have a unique opportunity to invest in Oakland by using this election to be vocal, reshape our vision, and aggressively pursue the fundamental changes we deserve. Together, we much invest in the future of Oakland.

We all know we can do better and I'm prepared to help lead the way. Invest in our campaign today and help us get our message out to the community. We are less than one week away from the first reporting deadline on June 30th which will determine our campaign's viability. With your support, we will cross the finish line successfully. Donate online today!

Together we can,

Jennifer S. Pae
I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer a couple of weeks ago, though her reputation as a community organizer and public policy advocate had already preceded her. To support Jennifer's run for Oakland City Council, making online donation at her website here. For more information about Jennifer, go to her Facebook page too: Jennifer Pae For Oakland.

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