mail carrier killed in dog attack

In Oceanside, California, police and the U.S. Postal Service are investigating the death of 33-year-old Hao Yun "Eddie" Lin, a mail carrier who was killed last month when a dog attacked him on his route.

It appears that the dog, a rottweiler, lunged at Lin while he was delivering mail, causing him to hit his head on the ground. Lin died ten at hospital ten days after the attack: Postal Service investigating fatal Rottweiler attack.
The U.S. Postal Inspection Service, which is handling the case with help from Oceanside police, said Monday that the investigation remains open and that details cannot be released at this time.

The investigation will determine whether criminal charges should be filed against the dog's owner.

The Rottweiler was euthanized last week at the owner's request, said Candice Eley, a spokeswoman with the San Diego Humane Society.

Authorities said the Rottweiler was able to push a door open to get outside, and the dog chased Lin down the block and apparently lunged or jumped on him, causing him to strike his head on the ground.

Authorities did not say if the carrier had been bitten.

A passer-by called 911 after finding Lin lying on the ground on Stanley Street near South Coast Highway.

Doctors tried to treat brain swelling and bleeding for days but were unsuccessful. Lin died in the hospital June 3. The Medical Examiner's Office lists the cause of death as blunt-force head trauma.
Lin, a father of three, moved from Los Angeles about four years ago so he could accept the postal job. Now, his wife is still seeking answers about her husband's death, and is apparently getting frustrated with the lack of information from investigators. More here: Dog's Owner Is Devastated by Mailman's Death.

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