national apia historic preservation forum

Got word of an interesting conference happening this week, June 24-26, in San Francisco's historic Japantown: the first-ever National APIA Historic Preservation Forum, a gathering of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders concerned about preserving their historical community resources. Here's some more information:
The 2010 National Asian Pacific Islander American Historic Preservation Forum

Preserving Asian Pacific Islander America: Mobilizing Our Communities

An initial gathering of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders concerned with preserving their historic community resources.

Date: June 24-26, 2010
Location: Hotel Kabuki
1625 Post Street, San Francisco, 94115

We need you and want to learn from you: come share your stories, relate your
successes, and tap into a network of other individuals and organizations
devoting themselves to promoting and protecting Asian Pacific Islander
history in America.

The forum will convene community advocates, preservationists, state and
local agencies, scholars, students, and interested individuals to share
experiences, ask questions, and learn from common trials and tribulations in
preserving and honoring the heritage resources and cultural traditions of
Asian Pacific Islander American communities.

Help us tailor a definition of historic preservation with relevancy to the
needs and history of Asian Pacific Islander America.

Glean strategies and gain strength from examples of creative and inventive
approaches to promoting and documenting the stories of APIA immigrant
communities; learn the basics of historic preservation; share resources and
innovative partnerships to empower APIA neighborhoods; and join us in
setting a national agenda to advocate for future collaboration and
stewardship in securing our community resources.
Very cool to see that the movement for the historic preservation of APIA communities has come together as a national conference. For more information, including the full forum schedule and registration details, go to the National APIA Historic Preservation Forum website here.

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