queens councilman halloran vs. traffic cop chu

In New York, traffic cop Daniel Chu has drawn the ire of Queens councilman Dan Halloran, who says he saw Chu blowing through stop signs while yakking on his cell phone -- then got slapped with a $165 ticket when he confronted Officer Chu about it: Queens councilman Dan Halloran irate over light-running, yakking traffic cop Daniel Chu.

Halloran says he saw Officer Chu zooming through his neighborhood, lights blazing, blasting through stop signs. So where exactly does a traffic cop have to go in such a hurry? The councilman followed him to... Dunkin' Donuts:
He said he followed the car as it blasted through two stop signs while weaving in and out of traffic before illegally parking in front of a Dunkin' Donuts, where the officer went to get coffee.

Halloran says he pulled over and began snapping pictures of the officer's vehicle parked at the corner of Clintonville St. and 11th Ave.

"[Chu] comes walking out with his iced coffee in his hand," Halloran said. "He then sees me taking pictures and starts yelling at me."

Halloran said he told the surly officer that he was a city councilman.

"He said, 'Oh yeah? You want to take pictures of me? I'm going to give you a ticket,'" Halloran recalled.

Chu then wrote Halloran a $165 ticket for blocking a crosswalk. The councilman denied he was blocking it, adding that his engine was running and the car door was open.

"It was baloney," said Halloran, who's calling for an investigation into Chu's conduct.
People be power trippin'! Ah, nothing like an officer of the law abusing his position. To go to a friggin' Dunkin' Donuts, no less. Could Chu be any more of a cop stereotype? The Daily News has some video of Halloran's run-in with Officer Chu: (Not So) Shocking Footage! Dan Halloran Vs. Traffic Agent.

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