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Rest In Power: Remembering the Legacy of Community Leader John Delloro, 1971-2010: Another tribute to late educator/activist/community leader John Delloro, who died of a heart attack on June 5. Gone too soon.

Child Brides and Boyhood Crushes: The latest post from MetroDad is so friggin' cute I want to roll up into a ball and scream into a pillow.

diaCRITICS: A recently launched blog from DVAN (Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network) on the arts and culture of the Vietnamese diaspora, covering anything and everything from film to politics to music.

Aly Morita Protests the Remake of Karate Kid: Aly Morita, daughter of late actor Pat Morita -- forever known as the original "Mr. Miyagi" -- has been organizing a grassroots boycott of the new Karate Kid remake.

My Thoughts On The Karate Kid Remake: Edward of 8Asians has seen The Karate Kid, and says that while it isn't perfect, many of the concerns voiced by the APA community are unfounded, and the movie's worth giving a shot.

Ebert takes on another Airbender question: Film critic Roger Ebert's latest 'Answer Man' column tackles the whitewashed casting in The Last Airbender, and ventures a guess that "the American group most under-represented in modern Hollywood is young Asian-American males."

Of Hollywood and 'the American People': How Status Quo is Maintained: Great post by the sister of a Hollywood screenwriter, and the system that allows producers to "pump out the racist, sexist, classist, bigoted Hollywood 'blockbusters' that we all know and love today."

Ken Jeong Gets Emotional at MTV Movie Awards: Say what you will about Ken Jeong's character in The Hangover -- I'm not a fan Mr. Chow, but I think Dr. Ken is an immensely talented performer, and I couldn't help but get emotional during his heartfelt acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards.

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