red dawn delayed indefinitely?

We've said a great deal about the upcoming Red Dawn movie remake and its scary Chinese invasion plot. Though many of us are dreading this movie, there's apparently a lot of buzz and excitement in the conservative blogosphere over the fact that Hollywood has made good old fashioned action flick about "kicking Commie ass." Chinese Commie ass, to be precise.

However, there's actually a good chance that Red Dawn may not make it to the multiplex. At least not on its scheduled release date of November 24, 2010: Is a Hollywood liberal conspiracy keeping 'Red Dawn' away from theaters?. The answer is no. It has nothing to do with liberal conspiracy, and mostly everything to do with the fact that the studio, MGM, is broke.
I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I have grim news: "Red Dawn" isn't coming Nov. 24, as the conservative blogs have all promised. In fact, no one knows when the movie will ever be released. Although it sounds like yet another liberal Hollywood conspiracy, the movie (which was filmed in Detroit last year) is suffering from a far bigger problem: It was made by MGM, and MGM has run out of money. The troubled studio managed to make several movies recently, one that was already released ("Hot Tub Time Machine"), one that is being released next year by Sony ("The Zookeeper") and one, "Red Dawn," that is in the can but may stay there for quite a while, at least until someone buys MGM or provides the kind of big investment needed to market and distribute new films.
MGM is in a bad state. The fact of the matter is, Red Dawn might just have to stay on the shelf until someone buys MGM or comes up with some much-needed cash to market and distribute the film. I am pleased to hear this, but it probably just means a postponement of the inevitable.

The Red Chinese invasion is coming to a theater near you! Just maybe not anytime right away. But a lot could happen between now and November. More here: WTF? MGM's Red Dawn Remake May Be Delayed Indefinitely.

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