"we hit oil, but we ain't rich"

Another video on the oil spill Gulf Coast and its devastating effect on the livelihood of local fishermen. For instance, these Cambodian American shrimpers who have taken jobs as part of the cleanup fleet -- most with little or no experience working with oil. Take a look:

"Shrimper Phan Plork from Buras, Louisiana is one of a fleet of fishermen hired by BP to clean up the oil spill. Faced with rough seas, inexperience and the arrival of hurricane season Plork and his wife Tal worry for their future."

The piece was produced by Sachi Cunningham, a videographer for the Los Angeles Times, who a spent a week at sea last month with the shrimpers. This was the first cleanup fleet sent out 17 days after the spill -- the first line of defense, apparently. Doing BP's dirty work. (Thanks, Jason.)

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