bruce lee monument proposed in los angeles chinatown

I recently got news of an effort, proposed by the Bruce Lee Foundation, to erect a statue of Bruce Lee at the Alpine Recreation Center in Chinatown, Los Angeles -- the historic community where Bruce Lee first established the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute.

The school is known for producing the first generation of Jeet Kune Do teachers and served as an important hub for developing and spreading Bruce Lee's martial arts philosophy. The site of the old school is apparently now vacant and in disrepair.

Jeet Kune Do University is asking for the community's help in supporting the statue proposal: Help Commemorate Bruce Lee. Here's the email the Bruce Lee Foundation has been circulating:

There has been some opposition to a Bruce Lee Statue being erected at the Alpine Recreation Center.


Please help in the fight to get a Bruce Lee Statue erected at the Alpine Recreation Center.

Please call the Councilman’s office and say, "Yes, we want a Bruce Lee Statue at the Alpine Recreation Center."

Call the Councilman at:
(213) 473-7001 or (213) 485-0763
Ask for Marisol, if she is not available, please leave her a message.

Together we can do this. Thank you for your support.
Sincerely ~ The Bruce Lee Foundation
There's apparently been some opposition to the statue proposal, largely due to someone who stupidly mistook the whole thing as a proposal for a Jackie Chan statue, drudging up some not-so-pro-democracy comments Chan made a while back: Jackie Chan Upstaged by Bruce Lee Yet Again.

Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee... what's the difference -- right, Ann Lau?

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