burglar fell asleep in victim's bed ... while watching porn

Asian behaving badly... porno-watching sleepy thief edition! In Sacramento, police arrested a burglary suspect after was found sleeping on his alleged victim's bed. Police say 26-year-old Yai Thao broke into Luis Angel's home and stuffed his pocket with a wallet, credit cards and other valuables.

Stupid, but it gets stupider. Rather than leaving, Thao fell asleep on the victim's bed. Because, you konw, robbin' people's stuff is tiring work. But that's not the worst part. According to the victim, Thao had apparently fallen asleep while watching porn : Suspect Fell Asleep Watching Porn In Victim's Home.
"He was just laying down," Luis said. "I don't know this fool, so I was like, 'Hey holmes, you need to get out of here.'"

Luis said Thao asked if "Linda" was home, but Luis told him there was no resident with that name and reiterated his demand to leave.

Before Thao left, Luis made him empty his pockets and recovered his wallet and credit cards. Luis let the suspect walk out of his home, but discovered his gold necklaces, given to him by his girlfriend and father, were missing.

Luis called police and followed Thao for several blocks until police arrived to make the arrest.

Thao was detained for breaking and entering and resisting arrest, but Luis' necklaces weren't recovered.

Luis also made a far more disturbing discovery after he found out what had caught the suspect's attention inside his home.

"He was watching porn. He fell asleep watching porn. Who knows what he did watching porn," Luis said. "That's the worst one."
So it's breaking in, stealing... and who knows what else. Gross! The article mentions that the victim has bought a new bedspread and sheets, just to be safe. Some people deserve to get caught and sent to jail, and some people deserve to get caught, sent to jail, and ridiculed.

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