full uncut k-town cast reel

In case you missed it... here's the full, uncut version of K-Town cast reel that TMZ leaked over the weekend. (By the way, the original Ke$ha song is annoying enough.... this K-Town version is downright torture.) Take it a look:

Your first glimpse of the show. However, the producers want to make it clear that this video is not an official teaser or trailer for the show:
"The reel was cut from the collective cast members' audition tapes and was meant solely for presentation purposes to our agents and managers. Since TMZ has leaked it, we are forced to release the full version of the K-TOWN cast reel.
To clarify for a lot of folks who have been asking: 1) I don't know what network this show is going to air on. 2) I don't know when it's going to air. In fact, production just started. All I know is, if and when this thing gets on television, I will be tuning in to be simultaneously entertained and mortified. So will you.

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