on dvd: why am I doing this?

There are a handful of noteworthy independent films that have recently been released on DVD. I've got a bunch sitting in a stack next to my TV, but I just haven't had time to watch any of them yet. However, I figured you'd want to know about them...

Like the indie comedy Why Am I Doing This?, written, directed and starring Tom Huang. The movie's about a group of young people chasing their Hollywood dreams, while juggling relationships, family and the ominous feeling that they're never going to make it. Here's the synopsis:
Lester (Anthony Montgomery) is trying be the next Seinfeld... except everyone wants him to be Mhttp://whyamidoingthis.net/Photos.html#7artin Lawrence. Tony (Tom Huang) is trying to be the next Tom Cruise… except everyone wants him to be the Chinese delivery boy. Amber (Emma Caulfield) thinks she should be the next Julia Roberts... but isn't. Against all odds, they chase the Hollywood dream, while juggling inter-racial relationships, crazy families and the feeling that they're never going to make it in this hilarious, award-winning film
The movie stars a bunch of people I know and like, including Gerry Bednob, Dion Basco, Lynn Chen, Clyde Kusatsu, James Kyson Lee, Camille Mana, Garrett Wang, Keone J. Young, Tamlyn Tomita and Sheetal Sheth. Here's the trailer and a clip:

Now, the hard road for minority actors trying to make it in Hollywood is certainly not a new issue, but with recent casting controversies like The Last Airbender and 21, the topic seems more relevant and ripe for discussion than ever.

Check out this recent lengthy interview Racebending.com did with writer/director/actor Tom Huang, where they really let him get on his soapbox and go at it. It's good stuff: Tom Huang, Independent Filmmaker, Writer, and Actor. For more information about Why Am I Doing This?, go to the movie's website here.

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