straight outta comic-con: nikita panel

Still catching up on bits of Comic-Con info... On Saturday, CW premiered the pilot episode of the spy drama Nikita, starring Maggie Q, to a packed crowd: COMIC-CON 2010: 'Nikita' debuts and Maggie Q says 'Dudes are gonna love it!'
Maggie Q and Fonseca were very complimentary toward one another when it came to the martial-arts and firearms training they had to endure. Maggie Q called Fonseca "annoying" because "she's good at everything."

Maggie Q, a fan of the original film, was also grateful to be cast as an Asian actress in the role. "I am not the typical choice for this [and] am glad to be able to represent a group of people who are underrepresented [on screen]," she said.

Tying the show even further into Comic-Con, Silverstein believes that people will enjoy it because "it's Jason Bourne type of stuff. It's 'Nikita' by way of 'Batman Beyond.' "
To be honest, the fact that they cast Maggie Q is the most interesting part about this character, which has seen several incarnations -- the original 1990 French film, the American movie remake and the USA network's TV show -- all played by Caucasian actresses. It's just nice to finally see this colorblind casting thing work the other way.

Other than that, I'm not entirely sure what separates Nikita from other previous asskicking-hot-babe shows. But I'll give it a shot. The series premieres September 9. For more information, go to the CW website here.

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