two arrested in ecstasy pill bust

Asians behaving badly... ecstasy pills edition! Last week in Laguna Beach, 21-year-old Lam Dinh Nguyen and a 16-year-old boy were taken into custody after trying to 4,000 ecstasy pills to undercover police officers: Police arrest 2 in sale of 4,000 'ecstasy' pills. The bust was the culmination of a month-long investigation:
The investigation also led authorities to a Santa Ana home that investigators believe was being prepared to illegally cultivate marijuana, Kravetz said.

Nguyen and the 16-year-old teenager were arrested on suspicion of sale, transportation and possession of the ecstasy pills, Kravetz said.

Officers have recently found several people in possession of the drug in Laguna Beach, Kravetz said. Although he declined to provide details about what initiated the investigation, Kravetz said police were led to Nguyen and the minor after an incident in the city.

The identity of the 16-year-old was not released because of his age, but Kravetz said he is believed to be a member of a violent criminal gang.
The estimated street value of the 4,000 pills police seized is $40,000. Nguyen was booked on suspicion of transportation and possession of a controlled substance for sale. The juvenile was arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance for sale and offering a controlled substance for sale.

Busted. Is there anything more pathetic than two dudes getting arrested for selling drugs in a Target store parking lot? Nope. More here: Two Arrested in OC Ecstasy Bust.

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