four men arrested for targeting and robbing chinese restaurant owners

Chinese restaurants can be hazardous for your health. Owning and operating one, that is. Last weekend in Sanford, Florida, police arrested four men who were allegedly targeting and robbing owners of Chinese restaurants: Police: Men targeted, robbed Chinese restaurant owners.
A neighbor saw the men pull up to a house on El Capitan Drive in a silver car about 10:45 p.m., jump over a fence and leave awhile later. Investigators say a man who owns a local Chinese restaurant lives there.

Officers stopped the car nearby and found binoculars, masks, green cotton gloves, black winter hats, spray paint and Chinese-restaurant menus from South Florida and beyond inside, they said.

In the front yard of the house, they found two air soft guns that look like real guns, gloves and a nylon mask, they said.

The men were arrested on loitering-and-prowling charges. One of them also is being on a charge of driving on a suspended license and a second on charge of violating federal probation.
According to authorities, the group was primarily targeting restaurants along the interstate. This case is particularly scary, because the intended robbery didn't happen at the restaurant -- the group of robbers actually went to the restaurant owner's house after following him home and casing it out. More here: Four Men Arrested After Attempted Break-In.

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