new music: "ira glass" by adam warrock

File under geek rap... Check out "Ira Glass," a cool new track from Korean American emcee Eugene Ahn, aka Adam WarRock, slinging something fresh for all the badazz public radio supporters out there. Here's some background about the song:
“Ira Glass” is the easiest thing for me to point to when people ask me what my music stands for. It’s a funny, cheeky concept, making the name of the popular public radio host into a slangy catchphrase. But it’s a serious, sentimental song about the art of storytelling, and how that art is changing. It’s a metaphor for the process of taking our life experiences, both the triumphant and the painful, and creating art. It’s about striving to do something with your life that’s greater than yourself. It’s about being as classy and intelligent as the man himself (whom I have spoken to via email, and is ever as classy and good spirited as you could imagine).
More here: "Ira Glass" is now available for a buck. Yes, it's an ode to the host of public radio's This American Life. It doesn't really get more geek sensible than that. And I like it.

Eugene recently quit his job as an attorney to pursue a career in music and writing, and is getting ready to release a full-length album in September. For more about Adam WarRock and his music, go to his website here.

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