they're making a chinese version of the office

I'm a huge fan of the original British version of The Office. I generally enjoy NBC's version. But are you ready for a Chinese version? Creator Ricky Gervais claims it's happening: Ricky Gervais: Chinese 'Office' on its way.

So what is the Chinese equivalent of David Brent or Michael Scott? I shudder to think, but it seems we'll soon find out. Gervais recently wrote on his blog that they've begun developing the Chinese version:
"We are about to start work on developing a Chinese The Office. How cool is that?"
I don't know if he's serious, but when I start thinking about it, it does sound kind of cool. I wonder how they'll adapt the humor for Chinese audiences. Then again, I had no idea that they've apparently already made versions of The Office in France and Israel. So why not? It could work.

More here: Ricky Gervais to make Chinese version of The Office.

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