angry asian vacation

All right, everybody. I'm long overdue for a much-needed vacation, so that's starting... now. I'm off to partake in some food, fun and adventures in Hong Kong and Seoul for a couple of weeks. But do not worry! I'm not leaving you lost and lonely. The blog goes on!

Don't go anywhere, because I've enlisted a bunch of cool guest bloggers to share some unique wisdom and insight here while I'm away. Lots of great stuff coming from a bunch of different, interesting folks. A big thank you in advance to all great friends and colleagues who graciously agreed to share.

So here I go. Barring any spectacular emergencies, I respectfully ask that everyone please refrain from emailing me stuff for the next few weeks. I won't be checking email regularly, and my in-box tends to get clogged up pretty quickly. So if it's not a pressing matter, hold off. Thanks! See ya on the flip side.

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