discovery hostage fallout: the hate mail begins

...aaaand the hate mail begins. A word about the hostage situation that went down yesterday at the Discovery Channel building in Maryland. When something like that happens, and the perpetrator's Asian face is flashed all over the news, I brace myself for inevitable emails I receive from assbrained idiots who want to take their racist frustrations out on somebody. Like this guy:
From: Dirty Hippie
To: angryasianman@angryasianman.com
Subject: something to share with asian americans
Date: Wednesday, September 01, 2010 6:44 PM

ive been watching the news all day and have becoming increasingly disturbed at the frequent occurrences of asian "americans" attacking real americans.

learn to control your anger. learn to drive. learn to eat without smacking your lips. then youll earn the right to call yourselves americans.

until then, youre just gooks -- the same as back when we were raiding your villages and rice paddies. that goes for you too, angry asian (NOT american) man.
I realize I'm reprinting this at the risk of giving voice to some dumbass in his momma's basement, but I did want to illustrate that these sentiments do exist. When situations like this flare up, people use it as an excuse to talk shit and justify their hate. Thanks, Dirty Hippie. Now go back into your hole.

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