get free tickets to hari kondabolu's comedy central taping

Comedian Hari Kondabolu, a very funny guy who gracious enough to guest blog while I was on vacation, made this funny little video dropping some knowledge about arranged marriage and none-of-your-damn-business for worldcompass.org: Will Your Marriage Be Arranged?

Hari also informs me that he'll be doing a half-hour standup special for Comedy Central Presents, and wants you all to know that you can attend the live taping for free. It's happening Sunday, October 17 at The Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College in New York. Wanna go?

To attend the taping, all you have to do his request tickets here. A quick glance at the schedule reveals that they're also doing shows that weekend with Sheng Wang and Kumail Nanjiani -- also two funny dudes.

Good stuff. And maybe you can be on TV! Perhaps they'll cut to a reaction shot of you laughing during one of Hari's hilarious jokes. But only if you're hot.

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