f@#$ this costume: kim jung il

Halloween's rolling around again. You know what that means. Lots of racist costumes. Every year, we see the same old stupid Orientalized nonsense, from sexed-up geisha girls to the infamous "Kung Fool" mask from several years back. Here's another one, spotted at Ricky's: KIM JUNG IL.
This hilarious costume set includes a two piece dark khaki jumpsuit, square-rimmed glasses and a wig. Shoes not included. This spoof costume will make you look just like the infamous Kim Jong Il, and is sure to get you noticed! You'll be the talk of the town! One size fits most adult men.
Now, I don't mind that people want to dress up as the North Korea dictator. He is an odd dude begging to be lampooned. But whats with the squinty-eyed bullshit? The "Chop Suey Specs" are completely unnecessary. Are the jumpsuit and wig not enough? Regular square-rimmed glasses didn't cut it? I guess someone felt the need to sprinkle a little more racist dust on the damn thing.

Do not come around knocking on my door trick or treating, wearing this costume. You will not get candy. You will get an asskicking. That's racist! (Thanks, Emily.)

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