koreatown woman beats armed intruder with golf club

This is justice... Ktown style! Early Monday in Los Angeles, an armed intruder forced himself into a woman's apartment. But the woman and her boyfriend managed to fight him off with a golf club, sending him to the hospital: Armed intruder in Koreatown beaten over head with golf club, police say.

25-year-old Kim Chang grabbed the woman just outside her apartment, demanding money. What the robber probably didn't expect was getting into a scuffle with the woman's boyfriend, who was sleeping in the other room. What he really didn't expect was getting his ass beat with a golf club:

When Kim left the bathroom to find the woman's boyfriend, the woman screamed, waking her boyfriend.

The two men, Corona said, began to fight, throwing punches and scratching. The altercation spilled into the bathroom, then back outside the apartment -– all while the suspect kept control of his gun.

The boyfriend called out to his girlfriend to call 911. On her way back outside, she came across a golf club. She dashed outside with it and struck the man twice in the head so hard that the club broke into two.

"At that point, he manages to get up," Corona said. "And he decides it's time to go home."

But the boyfriend chased him down to the second floor, where they continued fighting until police arrived.

Kim was taken to a hospital, where he was treated for head injuries and brain swelling, Corona said.
In the head! It says she hit him with the club so hard, the damn thing broke in half. Well, we're all aware that Korean women can be handy with a golf club. Looks like Keon here found out the hard way. More here: Woman Fights Off Armed Robber with Golf Club.

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