somebody's been watching too many rush hour movies

Can someone explain to me all the barftastic exploit-Asian happening in Travie McCoy's music video for "Need You"? The guy is walking around Los Angeles' Chinatown with chopsticks in his hair, chasing a disappearing girl while all kinds of completely random Oriental crap is happening behind him. To understand how idiotic this video is, you have to see it for yourself:

It makes absolutely no sense. At first I thought it was a joke, like a comedy sketch or something. But this is, in all seriousness, an actual music video -- someone's fever dream of nonsensical Asian shit. Just another day in Chinatown. This one's got it all! Behold:

Note the strategically-configured chopsticks in his hair, glimmering in the light of hanging lanterns.

Ah, the exotic sight of poultry hanging in a storefront.

Lion dancer doing some backup moves for Travie.

Chinese acrobats are so in right now.

Random citizens of Chinatown doing martial arts on the street.

More martial arts! The girl in the tutu is wielding some deadly sai.

A sensitive shot of Travie in the rain, against neon faux-Chinese architecture.

Oh snap! The hat. That tells you Travie ain't messing around.

And of course, the hot Asian(? - Can we get a call on this, Sharron Angle?) girl who brings it all together.

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