live better. move to new jersey.

Asian Americans are livin' large! And longer. In New Jersey. Asian Americans apparently live longer, earn more and are better educated than other residents of the Garden State: Asian-Americans Live Well in the Garden State.

According to a study run by the Social Science Research Council, they have a life expectancy of 91.8 years in New Jersey, compared to 79.7 years for the state's general population:

Asian-Americans in New Jersey earn a median income of $50,069, and completing an graduate or masters degree at more than 2.5 times the rate as the general America population. The study defined Asian-Americans as people originally from East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. In Jersey, 7.8% of the population is Asian, compared with 4.6% for the U.S., according to the 2009 Census.

The state has become a magnet for well-paid, well-educated Asians because of its large pharmaceutical, chemical and communications industries, said Allan Punzalan Isaac, a professor at Rutgers University specializing in Asian- American cultural studies.
We actually already knew this. In fact, according to statistics released earlier this year, Asian Americans living in New Jersey live better than any other ethnic group in any other state, based on overall health, education and income.

As I've said before, it would probably be helpful to disaggregate the data by ethnic group, to get a more accurate picture of how it all shakes down. I'm not making plans to re-locate any time soon, but man, what kind of spices are you guys putting in your food out there?

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