the lxd: chapter 15 & 16

Catching up on the last few episodes of director Jon M. Chu's kickass dance adventure web series saga thing The LXD: Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. Season two continues to impress, showcasing some awesome choreography as the mysteries unfold and the stakes get higher. Here are episodes five and six:

Chapter Fifteen: Tails of War. From the depths of the OX underworld, Karey calls upon some of his most deadly creatures to bait and kill off the LXD.

Chapter Sixteen: The Greater of Two Evils. The Dark Doctor and his army of Umbras square off with Karey and his OX.

To catch up with all the previous chapters, go to Hulu here. New episodes get released every week. For more information on the story, the characters, the dancers and behind-the-scenes video, go to The LXD website here.

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