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My First Experience With Racism And Ignorance: This is Yoochul Chong, circa 1983, appearing in a photo for the Upland News. If it looks like he's really bored, you're right. When Yooch was 13, a school official apparently saw his name on the junior high roster and automatically stuck him in the ESL class. The only problem: Yooch spoke perfect English, and did not belong in that class.

Ask a Model Minority Suicide: Hello: This is the first post of a new regular Hyphen column that attempts to get some dialogue going about depression, mental health and suicide -- topics our community just can't seem to get open and honest about, with terrible consequences. This is hopefully the start of something that breaks the silence.

Yes, Calling A School "Too Asian" Is Racist: Here is Jezebel's take on that idiotic Maclean's article on all those Asians taking up space in Canadian colleges.

'Too White?': the Maclean's magazine archives: More on the dumbass 'Too Asian?' article... If there are too many Asians at these top Canadian colleges, shouldn't Macleans's annual University Rankings issue reflect that? Here's a trip into the archives for a look at all the too-white covers over the last decade.

Hawaii 5-0 Shit!: Hawaii might be a really fun vacation destination, but according to CBS on Monday nights, the Aloha State is also a snake's den teeming with terrorism, human trafficking, arms dealing and drug running -- all thwarted by a quartet of tough-but-good-looking cops.

Going Korean: "This is a story about reluctantly thrusting your feet in the face of an older Korean woman when you are Korean and female yourself. And unmarried. And 30. Also, broke. I'm mortified not by ravaged nail beds or metatarsal smashed by hoofing about in fetching heels, but by an anxiety without a term, a spaghetti of issues I can never untangle."

On Discovering Passion & Purpose: Ho Chi Tsai, founder of TaiwaneseAmerican.org, shares some thoughts about discovering personal passion, taking action and finding purpose with your talents, and making a difference for the communities that you care about.

The Lonely Comma: Here's a recently launched blog dedicated to highlighting the work of Asian American authors and writers. It's been a work-in-progress, and is still coming together, but it has the makings of a pretty solid literary resource. And they're looking for contributors.

Flourish in Progress: On the occasion of her 30th birthday, Elizabeth set out to stop the shopping -- a personal goal of one year without any needless spending -- and chronicle the time, money, and sanity she saves.

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