tim jo in tbs' glory daze

Glory Daze is a new TBS sitcom that follow four freshmen as they navigate college life, circa 1986. The advance reviews I've read haven't been too encouraging, but most seem to indicate that the show isn't dreadful -- just kind unfunny. But it's worth nothing that Tim Jo is in the cast as "Chang," the Asian roommate.

I was kind of surprised to hear about an Asian guy in the cast, since you barely catch a glimpse of him in any of the commercials. And maybe he'll end up being a minor character, but he's significant enough to get his own description on the TBS website:

Chang (Tim Jo) is Eli's roommate. He doesn't want to be the stereotypical brainy student and is more interested in partying than studying. Chang reluctantly follows his father's wishes that he check out the Asian fraternity, but he'd really rather hang out with his friends instead.
Wow! A TV show set in a college where there are actual Asian students (but not too Asian, of course). I was encouraged by one of the reviews that suggested that the show attempts to flesh out Chang's character to make him more than just a stereotype. Okay. I'll give it a shot.

You might recognize Tim Jo from totally awesome movies like Bandslam and Fame. He hails from Dallas. Here's a Dallas Morning News article on him: North Texas native Tim Jo has a wild time in TBS' 'Glory Daze'.

UPDATE: I just watched the premiere of Glory Daze. The part where Chang visits the Asian fraternity, featuring Justin Chon, was pretty damn funny. "Is this where you keep the robots?"

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