what I'm listening to: generation ill by deep foundation & hydroponikz

Some good old fashioned hip hop for you... Generation ILL is the latest collaboration between hip hop group Deep Foundation, emcee Hydroponikz, and production crew Generation ILL. And I'm digging it. I'm going to be listening to this one on repeat and dissecting it, beat by beat, for a while.

They describe Generation ILL as "a snapshot of today's world, the events that occur within it and the experiences of the people involved." They produced a series of promo videos that sort of get at the spirit of this record:

1. Ain't The Same

2. To The Beat

3. Every Time

4. You Ain't Hood

Ten tracks, featuring collaborations with singer-songwriter Melissa Polinar, UK Beatbox Champion MC Zani, and emcees Bambu and Rocky Rivera. The EP also includes three bonus cuts, including a previously unreleased track and two tracks from Deep Foundation's debut album The First Draft remixed by Generation ILL. Here's the track listing:
1. At Your Request (feat. MC Zani & Generation ILL)
2. To the Beat (feat. Generation ILL)
3. Generation ILL
4. Ain't the Same (feat. Generation ILL)
5. Every Time (feat. Melissa Polinar)
6. Worlds Apart (feat. DJ Mike Intellect & Generation ILL))
7. You Ain't Hood (feat. Generation ILL, Bambu & Rocky Rivera)
8. Late At Night (Bonus Track) [feat. Generation ILL)
9. Never Forget (Remix) [feat. Ashley Robles & Genertion ILL] [Bonus Track]
10. A Place Called Home (2005) [Bonus Track]
It's good stuf. You can preview and purchase Generation ILL from CD Baby here and iTunes here. (It's only available as a download.) For more information about these guys and their music, check out the Deep Foundation website here, Hydroponikz's website here, and Generation Ill's website here.

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