2011 sfiaaff student delegate program

The San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, one of the best and largest film festivals of its kind, is looking for some cool folks to take part in its annual Student Delegate Program -- a great way to get immersed in the field of Asian American media. Here are some more details:
The San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival is proud to continue its annual Student Delegate Program. Aimed to engage students with Asian and Asian American cinema, the program strives to cultivate the next generation of scholars, artists, administrators and activists invested in the field of Asian American media.

As part of the Student Delegate Program, participants have the opportunity to:

* Participate in a structured program of screenings, events and meetings
* Access other festival events, i.e. panels, talks and parties
* Create online content for the SFIAAFF website

The program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students in colleges and universities. We encourage both non-film and film majors to apply. The most important qualities we seek in a candidate are a love for film and desire to share this passion, the ability to interact with other students and festival guests, and a willingness to follow a rigorous program of screenings and discussions.

With only 6 spots available, each student’s full commitment to the program is mandatory. In addition, students will be asked to write an article, blog or create a video during the festival, as well as complete a post-festival survey.
This is one of my favorite festivals, and the Student Delegate Program is awesome hands-on opportunity to get involved and educated about what's going on in "the scene." For more information, and to download the application, go to CAAM's website here.

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