eighth grader nearly aces math sat

Check out this news out of Florida about a kid who got a near-perfect match score on the SAT. "Near-perfect? Pssshhh," says the Tiger Mother. But wait! Did I mention that this kid is still in middle school? So cut him a little slack: Seventh-Grader Achieves Near-Perfect Math SAT.

Eighth grader Abhinav Venigalla was seventh grade when took the college admission exam last year as part of a Johns Hopkins University competition, and missed a perfect math score by just 10 points -- still earning the highest score in the state:
"I was kind of, really mad, sort of," he told Bay News 9. "I was trying to think back, 'What did I miss? What did I do wrong?'"

The aerospace engineer hopeful has earned perfect scores on Florida's Comprehensive Assessment Test two years running and also has won a countywide math competition and a robotics competition. He's moved beyond the math classes offered at his math, science and technology magnet school and now takes online courses.
Yeah, this is a pretty smart kid. And he has vowed to master that perfect score. All good, because he's still got four years to do it. More here: Super-smart Polk County student racks up impressive academic honors.

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