asians, alcohol & abs: k-town reality show promo

It's been a minute since we heard a peep about the K-town reality show... but I know you're interested. Still no definite word on when "the Asian American Jersey Shore" will be hitting airwaves, but for now I give you this one-minute sizzle intro. This was apparently the video the producers used pitch the show to TV networks. Don't ask me where I got it. Just take a look:

So we don't get to see much. Barely thirty seconds of footage. But damn, what a glorious thirty seconds it is! Seriously, I feel kind of feel gross after watching that promo, but it definitely grabbed me. This looks like an amaAazing trashy train wreck of television debauchery... and I can't wait to watch it.

Don't lie -- you want to watch it too. Asians, alcohol, abs and girls making out. And some hair-pulling for good measure. Coming soon to a TV near you... Stay tuned.

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