donate to disaster relief, get a comic book from greg pak

Our friend and comics scribe Greg Pak doing his part to raise some cash for Japan earthquake relief by giving out copies of his Vision Machine trade paperback to anyone who donates $20 to any Japan relief charity -- your choice. Twenty bucks, simple and easy. Here's how it works:
Donate $20 to any charity doing relief work in Japan.

Then send an email with your US mailing address to japan at pakbuzz dot com. In your email, tell me what charity you donated to and confirm that you are 18 or over. (And sorry for limiting it to US mailing addresses -- little to complicated for me to mail large numbers of packages overseas right now.)

And I'll send you a free "Vision Machine" trade paperback!

The charity is your choice. $20 minimum donation. If you tell me you donated, I'll believe you and send you a trade - honor system, folks!
Greg's plan is already a big success, having busted all initial fundraising goals. But that doesn't mean you should stop donating. Your help is still needed, and Greg has plenty of copies of Vision Machine to give away. The new goal is to raise $1750 by the end of Friday. I think we can definitely do it.

And for more information, go to Greg's website here. Happy giving.

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