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The Greatest Fake Girlfriend Story Ever Told: This is a weird-ass story, like a reverse-Asian version of Catfish, involving some dude named Peter Coffin who made up an eight-month online relationship with a fictional Asian girlfriend... and got caught. Really really caught.

The Mocked Minority: Why do public incidents of ignorance and bigotry towards Asian Americans -- yes, I'm talking about Alexandra Wallace's "Asians in the Library" video -- continue to plague institutions of higher education?

A Mother's Rant About Racism & Reconciliation: My good friend Kathy Khang weighs in with her better-late-than-never response to the "Asians in the Library" video, and some thoughts on racism, respect and reconciliation.

Whitewashing "Akira" (Now with Liquid Bleach to Keep Your Whites Even Whiter!): Playwright/performer Prince Gomolvilas talks candidly about the upcoming Hollywood film adaptation of Akira, in which a number of white actors are being considered for the lead roles. Keep watching until the end, for a special secret message at the end just for us Asian folks.

"Like" This: That Asian Boy Chillin' ...In Rebecca Black’s "Friday": Disgrasian shows some love for the Asian lone Asian kid holding it down in Rebecca Black's "Friday" video (which, in my opinion, is the definition of awful).

The Q&A: Hari Kondabolu, Comedian: More Intelligent Life has an interesting interview with standup comedian (and friend to the blog) Hari Kondabolu.

Model Minority: Three Chinese Americans shuttle between racially colored humor and politics: Model Minority, the self-styled "Wong Fu of rap," got a write-up in Pop & Hiss, the L.A. Times music blog.

Home:Word is #2 on Japan iTunes!!!: Our friends Magnetic North & Taiyo Na recently released the title track from their album Home:Word in Japan, and it has shot up to #2 on the Japan iTunes hip hop charts. If you haven't heard the album, you need to pick it up.

Don't hate 'Outsourced': A Los Angeles Times op-ed piece in defense of NBC's Outsourced. While I still haven't fallen in love with this show I'll admit I've caught it and enjoyed a couple of laughs here and there (but they're few and far between).

Catching up with Hank Conger: Here's an ESPN interview from earlier this month with Hank Conger, 22-year-old catcher for the Los Angeles Angels, who is holding it down as one of the few Asian Americans in Major League Baseball.

Fashion’s Approachable Ambassador: Here's an interesting New York Times profile on Joe Zee, creative director at Elle, who has apparently built a reputation for being fashion's approachable nice guy.

From Welfare to Wealthy Wife: One Woman's Journey to Find Herself by Quitting Shopping: Savvy Sugar's got another interview with Elizabeth Jayne Liu, who's in the midst of chronicling a self-imposed year without shopping on her blog Flourish in Progress.

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