stop the deportation of manolo and his parents

Got word passed along to me about this desperate situation involving yet another person facing deportation despite having lived in this country basically his entire life: Stop the Deportation of Manolo and His Parents.

Manolo, who is Chinese American, came to the United States from Venezuela with his parents when he was just two years old. As they laid down roots, he grew up, going to school and building a successful life for himself. But today, he could be taken from the only home he's ever really known:
Unfortunately, Manolo’s story is not simply about success, but also about adversity. Ever since his parents, Bing and Lin, left china over 25 years ago, they have been fighting an immigration battle. After fleeing China to Venezuela, Bin and Lin had Manolo. They then returned to China where coincidently, the Tianamen Square protests broke out on June 4, 1989. Fleeing from danger once again, they arrived in the USA with a visitor’s visa when Manolo was only two years old.

Once here, the family welcomed the youngest member of their family, Vicent, Manolo's U.S born brother. They also went on to successfully manage one of the two largest Chinese restaurants in Shelbyville, Tennessee, a small All-American town.

In 2008, all of the family’s dreams were shattered the day ICE raided their home. The family was asked to liquidate all their assets and prepare to leave the country.
If immigration authorities have their way, Manolo's family could actually be split up into three different continents -- while his brother would remain in the United States, Manolo will be deported to Venezuela, and his parents sent back to China. His supporters have outlined some ways you can help:
1. Sign this petition: http://tinyurl.com/stop-ManolosFamily-Deportation

2. Email a link to this petition to 5 friends: http://tinyurl.com/stop-ManolosFamily-Deportation

3. Tweet about it: Keep DREAMer Manolo and his family together. Stop their deportation: http://tinyurl.com/stop-ManolosFamily-Deportation #FamilyUnity #uwd

4. Join the facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stop-DREAMer-Manolo-and-His-Familys-Deportation/190315337676757

5. Change your facebook status to: Keep DREAMer Manolo and his family together. Stop their deportation: http://tinyurl.com/stop-ManolosFamily-Deportation
Manolo apparently doesn't even speak Spanish! It's ridiculous. For further information on how to stop the deportation of Manolo and his parents, and to sign the online petition, go here. Also see the Facebook group: Stop DREAMer Manolo and His Family's Deportation.

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