the jubilee project: one day without shoes

Wow. For their latest video, The Jubilee Porject partnered with TOMS Shoes for their annual One Day Without Shoes 2011. Basically, the video follows a number of people who basically went shoeless for entire day. It sounds simple enough, but could you do it? Millions have to do it every day. Watch the video to see how it went:

Joining hundreds of thousands of people around the world, The Jubilee Project and friends spent One Day Without Shoes to help raise awareness for the millions of children who don't have shoes. They suffer from a risk of infection and disease called Podoconiosis, which is completely preventable simply by wearing shoes.

The Jubilee Project has the simple mission of making videos for a good cause. For more information, go The Jubilee Project website here. To learn more about the One Day Without Shoes awareness campaign, go here. (And consider buying a pair of shoes from TOMS Shoes -- for every pair you purchase, TOMS Shoes will give a pair to a child in need.)

And if you liked the music in the video, check out Clara C's website here.

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