justonecrane campaign for japan

Got this passed along to me from our friend Emily over at Absolutely Fobulous... JustOneCrane campaign is a Facebook campaign she created to unite, raise funds and maintain awareness efforts about the ongoing post-disaster situation in Japan. It's based on the legend that says if you fold a thousand cranes, your wish will come true. The wish, of course, is for healing.

It's simple: you make one origami crane and upload a photo of it with a message for Japan onto the JustOneCrane Facebook page (or you can email it to Emily at justonecrane@gmail.com and she'll upload it). The hope is to get cranes coming from all over the world. Here are the quick instructions on how to participate:
1) Fold a crane (instructions here).

2) "Like" www.Facebook.com/JustOneCrane and upload a pic/video of your crane with your message for Japan. Please include the city you live in. If you don't have Facebook, send your submission to JustOneCrane@gmail.com, and they'll post it up for you. Spread the word to your friends and family!

3) Feel free to donate to the cause here if you believe in our message. JustOneCrane is supporting the Save the Children foundation - 100% of your donations will go to Japan. Watch this video to see what they're doing in Japan.
If you want your support to go a little further, you are encouraged to donate here. All funds will go directly to Save the Children, which is doing significant relief work on the ground for quake victims.

To participate, go to the JustOneCrane Facebook page. And for further information, head over to Absolutely Fobulous: Please join the JustOneCrane campaign to heal Japan.

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