weird-ass craigslist posting, part 267: puzzled disabled lady

Hey! Let's look at another odd item posted on Craigslist. A woman in Alhambra, California, who apparently has a fairly clear schedule and a great deal of time on her hands, is looking for someone to give her "a crash course on Chinese people." And for your time, she'll buy you dinner: puzzled disabled lady. I kid you not:
puzzled disabled lady (Alhambra, cA)
Date: 2011-04-17, 5:35PM PDT

Doing business and have a new relative that is Chinese. I've lived in Alhambra since 1993, and I totally don't get them. Willing to take you to dinner, if you can give me a crash course on Chinese people. Please no men, just another woman and we'll meet in a public place. I have a pretty open schedule except for Easter and Wednesday, all day.
Really? Are Chinese people really so baffling and inscrutable to you, that you actually need some kind of explanation? What kind of knowledge does this person hope to gain? I don't know anyone is going to meet up with her -- that would mean revealing all of the Ancient Chinese Secrets. Can't let that happen. (Thanks, Grant.)

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