[10 angry years] new music: "birthday wish" (frosted mix) by emi meyer & the shanghai restoration project

Love this. Our good friend David Liang of The Shanghai Restoration Project just posted a new version of "Birthday Wish," the song he recorded with Emi Meyer to commemorate the tenth anniversary of this blog. It's a great, playful little tune that almost puts me in a good mood. Here's a preview of the "Frosted Mix":

Here are the lyrics:
birthday with
cake delicious
all the candles lit
now blow your wish
and have a slice
can you handle it?

just keep it short
keep it sweet
no one has to know
this secret that
will never show

oh only your name in icing
ooh can make a cake so enticing

layers of chocolate
cream and sponge
frosted sprinkles too
can we finish?
yes pe-can!

let's try to keep things real simple
while blowing out each candle

birthday wish
birthday bliss
when will it come true
i'll sing along
but my heart's on you
if you knew what would you do?
I'm just honored they dedicated such a cool tune to me. You can download the track from iTunes and Amazon. For more information on The Shanghai Restoration Project, go to the official website here. For more music from Emi Meyer, check out her website here.

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