boycott disney's aladdin, the worst terrorist of all

With Osama bin Laden crossed off our list, our next target in the fight against terrorism is pretty obvious: Walt Disney's Aladdin, quite possibly the biggest Islamic terrorist of all. As a follow-up to the phenomenally successful Hate Comes to Orange County video, Tea Party Youth LA hits the streets of Fullerton to raise awareness about Disney's animated musical Muslim menace:

I'm joking, of course. This funny little video was written and directed by award-winning comedy writer Sameer Asad Gardezi, who has written for Outsourced, Modern Family, Aliens in America and other shows, as a response to that ridiculous and hateful anti-Muslim rally that took place earlier this year in Yorba Linda, California -- where Sameer actually grew up.

Sameer says making this video was the only way for him to make sense out of the situation. I think it's pretty funny, and illustrates a lot about these outrageous, ignorant attitudes. This is apparently the first video in a series. Stay tuned. And join the fight against Disney's Aladdin on Facebook.

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