secretary of energy: hey kids, go green

Steven Chu is on a mission. The Secretary of Energy is challenging young Americans to use less energy, and is launching an initiative to educate students about energy efficiency. He recently appeared on NPR's Morning Edition to about energy alternatives in an era of high gas prices, and about the future of the nuclear industry in the United States: Chu Hopes Kids Will Encourage Families To Go Green.
KELLY: Now, is this the type of thing that you're hoping to get at with this new education initiative, teaching kids how to waste less energy at their homes?

Sec. CHU: Well, yes. We think that the enthusiasm of kids and - is a way to socialize how do you save money by saving energy - is something that could be a very powerful force, and that kids can form their own networks and get their families to think about how they can actually save money.

In my wildest dreams, what I'd love it to be is sometime in not-too-distant future there'll be kind of a - like a March Madness, there'll be a lot of schools challenging other schools in their local areas for who's going to make the most improvement in saving money and saving energy.
It ain't easy being the Secretary of Saving the Planet. If you're an fan of our solar-powered, bicycle-riding Energy Secretary, check out artist Martin Hsu's t-shirt tribute to Steven Chu: Think Alternative.

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