two films by tad nakamura on pbs, may 8-15

Check it, APA history heads. Two amazing documentaries are airing together this month on multiple PBs affiliate stations, May 8 through 15: Pilgrimage and A Song for Ourselves, both directed by Tad Nakamura. If you haven't seen either of these films, and want to get some serious knowledge dropped on your brain, make sure you tune in.

A Song For Ourselves is an intimate journey into the life and music of Asian American Movement troubadour Chris Iijima. Pilgrimage tells the inspiring story of how an abandoned WWII concentration camp for Japanese Americans has been transformed into a symbol of retrospection and solidarity for people of all ages, races and nationalities in our post 9/11 world.

The official title of the program is Two Films by Tadashi Nakamura. Not every PBS station will be airing the show, but it'll be broadcast on 1,104 stations, covering 45% of the country including San Francisco, Dallas, Boston and New Orleans. Some stations will be airing it during odd hours of the day, so check your local listings and set your DVRs. And spread the word.

For a PDF list of all the cities and broadcast dates, click here. And for more information about Tad Nakamura and his films, go to his website here.

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