tyler clementi's roommate pleads not guilty

Another update on the Tyler Clementi suicide case... Today, Dharun Ravi entered a not guilty plea to charges that he streamed the footage of his roommate engaging in a physical relationship with another man in their dorm room last September: Roommate of Rutgers student who committed suicide pleads not guilty.

The video was allegedly accessed from another room and advertised for viewing on Twitter. Clementi later killed himself by jumping from the George Washington Bridge. Ravi now faces fifteen charges of hate crimes and evidence tampering:
Ravi faces a 15-count indictment of hate crime charges involving invasion of privacy and evidence tampering after prosecutors say he tried to stage a cover-up, deleting the previous Twitter post and replacing it with another intended to mislead investigators as well as asking witnesses not to testify against him. Defense attorney Steve Altman was not immediately available for comment.

A second student charged, Molly Wei, 19, pled not guilty earlier this month in two counts of invasion of privacy. She reached a plea deal agreeing to testify against Ravi, who allegedly set up the room's camera. Should Wei complete a three-year program on cyberbullying and alternate and cultural lifestyles, as well as 300 hours of community services without any additional legal troubles, the invasion of privacy charges for allegedly watching the video will be dropped, the prosecutors office said.
I hate everything about this goddamn case. Why do human beings suck so much? More here: Roommate Is Arraigned in Rutgers Suicide Case.

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