video: jedi a-holes strike back by freddie wong

So you've seen the Star Wars movies. There are the benevolent, noble Jedi knights. And there are the Sith, who have fallen to the dark side of the Force. But what about those Jedi who are just... assholes? Another hilarious video from the mind of Freddie Wong: Jedi A-Holes Strike Back. Take a look:

Beware the jerk with a lightsaber. This one's actually a follow-up to the original Jedi A-holes Because come on, what you would you really do with Jedi powers? I'm willing to bet it wouldn't be honorable galaxy-saving Jedi knight nonsense. You'd be causing trouble outside the LAX In-N-Burger too.

For more rad Freddie Wong videos, check out his YouTube channel here.

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