weird-ass craigslist posting, part 278: cha ching

Recently spotted this on Boston's Craigslist... One user apparently has some issues against a Chinatown apartment unit. Though it's pretty apparent this person's issues extend far beyond Chinatown. The post was flagged for removal, but I was actually able grab it before it got taken down. Enjoy:
RE/warning:::$550 Near Davis Square Subway and Tufts University (some (Chinese run(down) buildings!)

Date: 2011-05-14, 11:30PM EDT

Chinese are not known for upkeep or even necessary repairs.
HAVE YOU VISITED CHINATOWN (home of the fat rat)?

$550 is a cheap price but you will pay for it in the end.
Chinese are cheaper than Jack Benny and their "furniture" is crap that even a frat house would reject.
The bed? Hell, I know homeless people who would opt out of that sleeping option!

Chinese people are very low quality people who are about one thing: CHA CHING (and no, that's not his kid's name!)

Chinese treasures:
Wal-Mart (screwing over America one purchase at a time)
Boot leg DVD, iPhones, clothing, purses...anything!
Children's LEAD FILLED toys!
Foods that are above American chemical-additive standards are a common thing in China.

Disposable people!

The full post concluded with a photo of what looked like a burned-up iPhone and and two bikini-clad Australian women ("SHOP AUSTRALIA!"). Don't know how we got from cheap rent to lead-filled toys, but thanks for the sentiment, buddy. May you be blessed with hordes and hordes of Chinese neighbors. (Thanks, Kathy.)

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