a big fat roundup of asians in commercials

Spotted a lot of Asian faces in TV commercials lately, selling everything from smartphones to Staples, Snapple, HBO, tequila and McDonald's. Here are a few:

Hornitos Tequila: Asian guy gets some attention at the high school reunion.

HP Veer: Your favorite Filipino boxing champ has got a small smartphone.

Verizon Tablet Destination: Not just one, but two regular ol' Asian people, having a semi-psychic conversation. Try the same commercial, same two people, same conversation, but magically in Korean and Cantonese.

Staples: Studly Asian tech guy steps up to save the day.

Video Buffering with T-Mobile: This one was playing throughout the NBA Playoffs and Finals. And I think it pretty much annoyed the hell out of everybody.

Rogers PS3 Offer: I'm told this one's airing in Canada.

Snapple Lunch Break-Beats: Aaron Takahashi and Co. crew coming at you with a rap ode to Snapple. Watch that choreography when they break it down.

HBO Go: Our friend Randall Park, with the most annoying co-worker ever. You may have also seen him prominently featured in a Verizon Wireless commercial, though that's not his voice. He also tells me that's not his hair.

McDonald's Karaoke: And finally, see our buddy Parry Shen demonstrating some of his finest "funny dance" moves, in a manner that only Chicken McNuggets could inspire.

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