british vogue can't tell asian models apart

The June issue of British Vogue includes a piece on the rise of Asian supermodels in luxury and high-end fashion. Yay. But whoever wrote the captions seems to have had a hard time differentiating between Asians faces, erroneously indentifying Liu Wen as fellow Chinese supermodel Du Juan: British Vogue Article on Asian Models Can't Tell Them Apart.

I know. There are so many Asian models in the fashion industry. Naw, not really. Hell, I don't know a damn thing about fashion, but much to my own surprise, I do know who Du Juan and Liu Wen are, and what they look like -- and they look nothing alike. Vogue caption person, I got you beat!

Come on. You have to imagine that a mistake like this was way less likely to happen with two white models. It's sort of like when People magazine confused Rain with a photo of Karl Yune a few years back. Alas, it seems that all Asians do look alike. Interchangeable Asians! More here: British Vogue Can’t Tell Asian Models Apart.

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