video: the mini warbler

Been seeing this passed around left and right over the last few days... If you're a Glee fan, you've probably already seen it. If you're not a Glee fan, there's enough cuteness in this to go around. This is 4-year-old Kellen Mirador Sarmient. He is a big fan of Glee -- so big, in fact, his grandmother made him a Warbler blazer to wear when he sings and dances to his favorite numbers. Here's his crazy cute rendition of "Teenage Dream" that's blowing up the blogs:

They're calling him the "Mini Warbler." At over a million views, he's a bona fide internet sensation. And giving Darren Criss a run for his money, if you ask me. Now, if Glee's producers could only work in a way to give him a dance-on role as Sunshine Corazon's little brother or something. More on the Mini-Warbler here: No stage parents for the Mini Warbler, he really is a fan of 'Glee.'

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