remember vincent chin vigil, june 23

This week marks the 29th anniversary of the hate crime murder of Vincent Chin. If you're in New York, join activists and community members this Thursday for a vigil commemorating his death and its lasting legacy in the Asian American civil rights movement. It's happening June 23, 6:30pm at Columbus Park in Manhattan. Here are some more details:
Remember Vincent Chin Vigil

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Columbus Park
67 Mulberry St.
New York, NY 10013

In 1982, two white autoworkers, motivated by racist anger, bludgeoned Vincent Chin, a Chinese American man, to death with a baseball bat. Chin died from the injuries, just 5 days before his wedding. His murderers got away with 3 years of probation and a $3000 fine— not a single night in jail—and are living free among us today.

We'd like this vigil to serve as a time and place for people in NYC to:
- reflect on Vincent Chin's death and its significance.
- hear from leaders and fellow community members about the APA movement and the fight against hate crimes today, and also provide an opportunity for anyone to express his or her thoughts about Vincent Chin.
- find ways to get engaged with the APA movement and connect with one another in solidarity.
- make a statement against all hate crimes, which continue to ravage all marginalized communities on a daily basis.
For further information about the vigil, including the schedule and participants, go to the Remember Vincent Chin Tumblr and the Facebook event. For more information about the Vincent Chin case, go here. Also, if you're headed to the AAJA conference in Detroit, here's some more information Vincent Chin retrospective event happening in August.

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